eclipse brings an innovative vision and a unique approach to creating digital brand experiences by combining and managing the integration of strategy, creative, development and social engagement management under the same arm.

Our focus is on the consumer, providing a meaningful experience in order to connect with them, understanding their needs, wants and desires, by adding value, enhancing their lives and being ubiquitous.

By understanding the latest consumers’ media consumption habits, we reach, engage, convert and reward our clients’ audiences.

Strategy, creative concepts and developments are born from consumer insights. Once we’re “live” we manage what we call “Social Engagement Lifecycle”. An adaptive iterative learning process where we Listen, Enable and Engage audiences, always measuring what’s going on.

This allows us to reduce cost of expensive research, identify revenue opportunities and gather intelligence, capitalizing on the market opportunity.

The company was founded by Sergio Barrientos, bringing more than 17 years of experience to the practice.