In a world dictated by constant technological innovations, emerging consumer behaviors and  new devices’ adoption, brands need to leverage content and conversations in order to achieve their objectives. That’s why Eclipse concentrate on consumers and their experiences. A consumer-centric approach that connects through multiple touch points to tell the brand story in an ubiquitous fashion.

Digital Marketing
Consumers’ media consumption habits have changed. In order to gain their attention, brands need to connect through their new lifestyle, build a path to start a dialog and be relevant to where they may engage.  Construct a compelling platform, integrating digital touch points, that truly connects with targeted audiences. Web, social media and mobile.

  • Online presence: create an integrated brand digital e-cosystem
  • User experience design
  • Media advisory: improve engagement and effectiveness of paid media.

Social Engagement
Making sense of social data and signals from the market, learning how programs perform, in order to drive decision making for new content and campaigns and tune future initiatives.  Create sustainable relationships with consumers, identify influencers and fuel participation.

  • Listening: social monitoring, analysis and reporting. Custom dashboards
  • Insight gathering and optimization recommendations
  • Outreach and advocacy programs (Earned and Owned media)
  • Content Mapping: interests, mentions, trends